We are convinced of the importance of a return to the consumption of seasonal products, a return to the past, a rediscovery of typical Italian products. The idea of ​​0 km products is appealing to an increasing number of people and the positive aspects of this way of shopping are really many.

First of all, it teaches us to rediscover the seasonality of the products of our territory, allowing savings on transport costs and lower carbon dioxide emissions, highlighting how shopping at km 0 is essential for environmental support.

Embracing the philosophy of 0 km products also allows us to personally get to know Simone who welcomes us to his company, allowing us direct contact with the environment and products.

We are convinced that the short supply chain, or the direct relationship between producer and consumer, without intermediaries, plays a very important role in enhancing the products of our territory and in creating a relationship of trust and knowledge between us who produce and you who shop. .The idea of ​​the short chain was therefore born to offer consumers the opportunity to purchase genuine products, such as those consumed by our grandparents, without additional costs due to transport, storage or distribution.The short supply chain therefore gives us the guarantee of higher quality at a more transparent and contained price.